EA Desktop app disables my audio devices

Every time I launch any EA Desktop App it disables my audio devices in TeamSpeak and I have to either close and open TS5 again or it just disables it every time I open it, it only happens with games from EA Desktop App, and it’s even worse with launching Anthem because it disables every audio device I put in TeamSpeak 5. The only thing it solves it is closing TS5 and using TS3 client


I don’t get this error :confused:
I could not reproduce this.

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Same for me as Stefan wrote. Not with Origin or EA Desktop app.


I just talked to some friends that has TS5, and the same thing happens to one of them, we both have Voicemeeter Banana installed, maybe because of that?

Also it only happens/affects TS5, nothing happens to anything else overall

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