Easier Channel Banner

It is possible to upload images to the Teamspeak server via file transfer and then use them for channel banners. However, this is still relatively unknown and semi-cumbersome.
The current way is described here by Chris: https://community.teamspeak.com/t/server-and-channel-banner-direct-upload/39553/7?u=imscheinox
The link has to be changed afterwards for each uploaded image. Actually, only ts3file has to be replaced by ts3image, which is simple in itself but quickly becomes annoying with many channels and many images.
Therefore 3 different solutions:

  1. the link you get from the right-click copy menu works without having to be changed.
  2. a new button is added to the right-click menu: copy url as ts3image.
  3. in the edit menu of channels there is the possibility to select files that are already uploaded to the server/channel in the channel banner