Echo problem only on TS

Hello to all of you.

I’m creating this topic because I can’t find the answer anywhere and it’s impossible for me to solve this problem. I have an elgato wave 3 microphone that works very well with my other applications, but on TS3 there is a slight echo that I can’t solve.

I thought I understood that with Windows a manipulation could fix an echo problem via the mixer but I’m not sure I understand (I’m on Windows 11).

I have of course the cancellation and reduction of echo in the parameters of TS3.

Thanks in advance.

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I tried again with obs and the problem was there again until I turned off all other microphone inputs. So I think the problem comes from there but I don’t know where to find it on teamspeak. On obs now that I fixed the problem, the sound is perfect if anyone knows how to fix the same problem on teamspeak I’m interested.