Email Change Glitch Help

I tried to Change my Email and I never got an Email at the new Account to “Activate” it and I almost got Locked out… Now this is happening…

-New Email-
"Create Account: - Email already in use.
“Resend Activation” - Already Activated.
“Reset Password” - Requesting the email verification key failed. Request email address differs from user email address. Most commonly, this is due to a pending email change.
“Change email Again” - Account Already in use.

This isn’t even the beginning of my Troubles with TS this Week…
I logged in 2 days ago and my Security Level was Wiped and all of my Clan Servers Rankings, TS Setting, only thing that was saved was my Bookmarks.

Don’t worry i have the same problem, i can reset password but can’t get the activation email.

Hi there,

I think you’re confusing some things here. Activation is purely to activate new accounts within just a few days of registration. This has no effect when you try to change your email address later.

When changing your email address, you will first get an email to your current (old) email address to validate that you are the owner of the account. If you haven’t received that email, the process will reset itself after two days and you can try again. Within these two days the new email address is marked as “in use” so noone else can snag it.

While being in the change email process it’s also not possible to reset passwords, as this could interfere with your data’s encryption.

So either look into your inbox to get that email change process going or just wait those two days if you can’t do that and want to reset your password.


There is still a problem with the activation email, i tried like 4 times to get new email but still nothing.
The fun fact is that i can change the password so the mail that i use is ok but nothing for the activation (new account).

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