Embedded MP3/OGG/AAC/WAV Support

Like in other Apps, there shoud be a feature were you can play, pause… mp3, ogg… files directly in the chat like on these screenshots:
and not like this
because, in my opinion, this would really enhance TeamSpeak.


To my knowledge, the main problem until now was the horrendous license fees for different codecs.
The internet gives really conflicting information about using proprietary codecs and container formats regarding patent law.
MP4 for example, could require a license with costs in the millions per year depending on user count.
On the other hand, using the OS’s software implementation of the decoders would mean that the OS developer/distributor has paid for such licenses. The same would hold for using the GPU’s hardware decoders.
However, I am no patent (nor any other) attorney so I can only assume given the limited information and licensing documents available online.

Other codecs however are (patent-) free and should be fairly easy to implement.
This includes:

  • MP3 (at least in Europe :P), OGG, etc for audio
  • WebM for video

Images are relatively easy as most formats are patent-free. (That is probably why they are the only thing implemented yet.)

Regarding your idea to add a PDF viewer. The PDF standard is also free and there are loads of open-source viewers, like PDF.js. So this should also not be a problem.