Enable PTT Sound


In TS5 is there a way to enable the push to talk sound? Similar to how there was one in ts3?

Yes. Under settings in the Audio tab.
There you can enable it and set a hotkey and choose if VAD also is used (you should enable both)


Sorry, I don’t think I worded my first question clearly. In teamspeak 3 you could have sound files play on mouse click and release (files were called mic_click_on and mic_click_off). Is there a similar functionality in TS5?

You mean a Soundboard?


The feature that is mentioned in this thread.

I cannot set a single button push to talk for my joystick. It always adds an additional mouse or keyboard combination hotkey when I try to apply and set just ONE button. There is no Audio tab in my TS3 with a “settings” anywhere in my TS3 client GUI, only Playback and Capture (where the microphone setup is located). This frustrating as I only want to use ONE button hotkeys for my commo in flightsims, not multiple keys just to communicate and the older Teamspeak clients were easy to use with good manuals to help.

i’m not sure what this has to do with this thread.

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