Energy Consumption


I discovered “a bug” while using the iOS App.
First of all, my hard- and software information:

  • IPhone 8 Plus
  • iOS 16.4.1 (a)

Energy Consumption

I installed the App via TestFlight and after that I logged into the app via the QR-Code. Everything worked fine. After that I did not touch my phone for about 30 minutes and my battery was drained. Here is the energy summary of my phone:

Actually 13% seems for me very high for only having an installed app what was not running in the app switch. After I looked back into the app I hadn’t any new notifications after all.

Thats fully normal.

It’s the crappy Matrix Sync implementation of TeamSpeak.
You have to wait until all Messages are downloaded from their Matrix Services…

Sometines my Phone needed 2 Hours for this Process, when you use for example Elements you don’t need a Minute to open your Chat.

Because TeamSpeak downloads the eintire Chat, better and faster Solutions only load X Elements with Scrollback Event.


PS: App will be deleted in 2 Days, so i hope for you, you have not downloaded the chat for nothing :slight_smile:

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