Entered correct Recovery Key but data doesnt sync

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:
I have the following problem:

Sometimes I wanna use Teamspeak on my iPhone, but the recovery key doesnt work.
I log in, put in the recovery key, it says that its the correct key but nothing happens. The “put in the recovery key” - Window just pops back up and my data cannot be decrypted, therefore my identities and favorites wont sync.

Thats quite the problem, since most of the Servers i wanna connect on have a security of 10 or more, and i cant get my mobile identity above 9.

iOS App Version: [30e59219]
iOS Version: 16.5

When the dialog appears again, then used key is incorrect or your device could not connect to our services.

Please ensure the key is valid and wasn’t replaced with a newer one.
You may also retry this on any computer.


If I put anything in it which is not the key, like just an “a”, it tells me that the key is incorrect and the window stays open.
When i put the actual key in it a seperate window opens up telling me “The recovery key has successfully been applied” and the input window disappears back into the profile window.
Shortly after, it pops back up telling me to put in the recovery key again.

So seems to me that the key is valid. If not, the appearing messages are quite misleading :smiley:
I also tried relogging but that didnt help as well.

Sure the recovery key has structure which is checked by the client. An simple A doesn’t match the structure of such recovery key.

So both cases are still valid. The key is not valid or your device could not reach our services.

Try on another device, network or computer.
And have a look at the client log. As far as i know it needs a computer to open the log from the client.