Entered recovery key correctly, cannot decrypt

I have this bug on myTeamSpeak where on iOS or Android, sometimes my computer, that it asks me to put in the recovery key, then when I do it says it’s successfully completed, but then it cannot decrypt the data so I have to put it back in endlessly. Is there any fix?

Hi @Chernobyl452, thanks for letting us know about this problem. Could you please provide us some additional information?

Which TS versions are you using (PC, Android, iOS, etc)? Please also provide the version of the TS app.

Can you also please tell us the detailed steps to reproduce this error?


I´m having the same Problem,

I´m using my mobile app on Android 10.
Teamspeak version 3.3.8 25-Nov-2020

I log in to my TeamSpeak account.
The app syncs and asks for recovery key.
I enter the correct key.
App says wrong key.

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