Error 400 CSRF token validation failed. Bad Request?

I can’t log into my account or can’t reset my password on An email comes on my email with an activation key, but when I enter a new password I get an error when trying to reset my password:

Something went wrong on our servers while we were processing your request. CSRF token validation failed. This occurrence has been logged, and a highly trained team of monkeys has been dispatched to deal with your problem. We're really sorry about this, and will work hard to get this resolved as soon as possible.
This error can be identified by f49c0a4b-5a33-4700-bf76-013a904fbd0e. You might want to take a note of this code.

Also I wrote to technical support, to which they answered me the following:

  1. Using another browser?
  2. Making sure that your firewall/ISP isn’t preventing this?
  3. Cleaning your cache/cookies (just in case your device is storing an old version of the site)
  4. Updating your javascript?
  1. I tried different browsers
  2. I do not have such firewall and antivirus programs
  3. I deleted cookies and cache
  4. I have the latest updates in browsers

I had such a problem for a long time and I also wrote to technical support. Then I was told that they were aware of the problem and were fixing it. It took a long time, but the problem persists!

Try Crtl + Shift + R to reload the page. Normally you should then be able to log in again.

Tried, not helped me((

I have same issues

Try from another device.

Strange things are happening to website. My experience shows that the problem is not on my part. I tried to log into my account from various browsers: Opera, Google chrome, Microsoft edge, Firefox. I log in account only in the Firefox browser. In other browsers, I got the error above. I advise developers to pay attention to this! :thinking:

Had the same issue since a few days with Chrome. mailed to Support, got same reply, Installed FireFox and Bob is my Uncle.

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I’m having troubles to change my password too, my account on this website has been hacked and i’m trying to fix it as soon as possible, but when I try to put my new password a “CSRF validation code failed” appear “Error 400”, the message just tells me that a “Highly trained team of monkeys” will fix this problem, but i’m not sure about this, I will be pleased if someone help me.

Please change my mail adress. [email protected] to [email protected]

Nobody in our team will do this.
Because we don’t have any proof that you are the owner of these E-Mail accounts.

Please use another web browser or turn off add blockers etc.


I need help, y have the error 400 Token Validation CSFR.

Hi, I have this error and i can’t do anything. I can log in from my phone but not in computer!

I turned off my Ad-Blocker and others, but still not fixed!

Reload the page with Ctrl + Shift + R to clear the cache and try again.

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