Error 400 on website


Always when i try to login into im getting the Error 400, not only me 90% my friends getting this error, and we need to refresh page several times to it works.

I hope you will fix it :smiley:

When I go to the myTeamSpeak login page, it works for me.

have you tried another browser?

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Nah, it’s a known ‘problem’ but I’m not sure whether to even call it that.
It happens when your browser caches a session before login and you wait to long so when you eventually try to log in using the cashed session it won’t work as the session is too old.
This could easily be prevented by simply creating a new token when the old one is invalid.
Until TeamSpeak fixes it you can simply reload the login page with Ctrl + Shift + R. This will force the website to create a new session.


This helped me, thanks.

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try to login, then i have error

thanks a lot