Error Null

i bought the teamspeak from mobile for android but when i tried to login to “aitopro” adress im getting the Error : Null how can i fix this

Please get more details about:

  • TS Client Version
  • Android Version
  • Which device are you using?

Im using 3.37 latest and my phone is samsung s7 edge using 8.0 i can connect from pc but using 3.1.10 also my date its ok

Its a very old client , i think you can’t connect becouse the server version is too old to an updated client (like android version).
Ask the server owner to update the server and you can update you PC client and able to join to the server.

Server should be 3.4 so not with that im using 3.3 on mobile and wt null i can’t found in anywhere im going to mad

The server you try to connect is way to old and looks modified.
We do not allow the client to connect to such servers.

The server host must update his server and download and install the official version.

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