Error sound after Wireless Headset reconnects

I’ve just found a “bug” in the newest TeamSpeak 5 Beta version. I don’t think the reason for this problem is my pc, because I’ve just reinstalled TeamSpeak and tried it on the old TeamSpeak 3 Client.

Everytime a wireless headset loses its connection to the adapter in the pc and reconnects you hear a random error sound. In the Teamspeak 3 Client that problem never occurred/is still not occurring.

Your client log will show what error you get.
You may check that one out.

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I’ve got the error here:

[2022-07-13 08:55:39.055] [error] [Playback] unknown error: AUDCLNT_E_DEVICE_INVALIDATED (0x88890004) - Kopfhörer (CORSAIR VIRTUOSO SE Wireless Gaming Headset)
[2022-07-13 08:55:39.056] [info] Windows Audio Session - Device needs reopening{}.{b12b8c0a-a0b0-4183-aff0-d055cdc7014d}
[2022-07-13 08:55:39.330] [info] Initialized with 2 channels in 32bit, 48kHz. - Kopfhörer (CORSAIR VIRTUOSO SE Wireless Gaming Headset)

I understand why the TeamSpeak client tries to solve the problem this way, but I don’t think that this is an elegant way. Windows is handling it by just ignoring the invalidating of the playback device until it is reconnected. The TeamSpeak 3 client also handled it the way Windows does I think cause there I never experienced an error sound or any other issue after my headset reconnected.

Additionally, I think it’s important to know that my headset is not directly connected to the pc via Bluetooth or something like this, there is an adapter in an USB port. So normally the adapter simulates to be always connected to the headset.

The TS5 client trys to figure out if a device that was connected matches the in profile set audio card and set’s the preferences back in case the device does match.
When the client asks for the device then Windows says the device could not be reached or does not reply etc.

You would not get any error in case the device would always be present / can be read by other software.

Edit: Talking about Windows but the same thing happens on Linux or Mac OS.

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Okay, so you won’t change it? E.g. just removing the sound in that case. I swear it’s driving me crazy when I walk through my home and hearing that sound 5 times until I’m back at my pc. I understand that not a lot of users will experience that, but as I already mentioned TS3 also handled it more “passive”

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