"ERROR" spam (Messenger is offline)

It seems when the login servers are having problems and the login to the messaging system through the client is not possible I can hear “Error” every few seconds…
This is the code responsible:

Even if this is just my fault I really don’t like the client saying “Error” without displaying anything upfront.
I had to start with the debugging console to get message
Failed to login to messenger: 2006

Maybe you should add a way to disable this spam.
I especially think when using TS (5) in an offline LAN environment, wouldn’t the same thing happen?


Nothing new, devs know about this for a while now. Afaik, It’s pobably the first time someone mentioned it publicly.

Yeah for anyone that doesn’t know how to temporarily disable that annoying sound.

Go into Settings -> Notifications -> Warnings -> Error
and disable the sound for now.

Be sure to re-enable once the servers work again.

I’m not sure what is going on, but has no-one ever tested what happens if the messaging services are down? It sometimes feels like the devs are themselves not using the ts5 beta :smiley:


Am I the only one who has this problem all day?

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I like how when the beta was released people requested a real bug tracker but instead got a new forum that is less advanced than the old one - but has a better design…

There are some ways to “fix” this. But I still want to get notified on real errors so this is not a real alternative for me.

That’s why I reported this. It happened some times but usually it is not persisting.


Oh yes I just wanted to suggest a workaround for now at least until there is a fix for the issue

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I’m having the same problem

yeah same here. But i think they have a maintenance for the Chat System. :hushed:

There is nothing you can do. We have to wait until the maintenance has been successfully completed

Still same problem here. Thanks for the workaround though :+1:

I have started to encounter this problem today. I’m, hearing ERROR every couple of seconds.

quite an annoying ‘feature’ if you ask me.

I had the same problem yesterday for the first time.

Hey Teamspeak Community!

I just started Using Teamspeak 5 again Yesterday, Today i have the issue that as soon as i start the client it spams the “error” voiceline every 30 Seconds, and i cant login, when i press “Go Online” in the bottom left it just spams the error thing.

When i reinstall it it works fine until i close it down again. currently an issue or my side?

Topic already exists.

It is definitely not up to you, even you aren‘t the only one, who gets the error.

Ive started getting this same error , started today

Hello, I am also disconnected from the chat, the new beta may be reaching where it is still a bug.

@Karazhan it is not a Bug. Maintenance is still in progress

Still no information

Anyone will get a statement in short time.


finally some information.

Thank you