ErrorID: 2568 | Message: insufficient client permissions failed permid=139 (b_virtualserver client_list)

This error constantly gets out when adding the TS3index server “ErrorID: 2568 | Message: insufficient client permissions failed permid = 139 (b_virtualserver client_list)”

already set everything as it should but does not want to work

Don’t listen to tools saying you which permission name is not working!
IDs can change in every server version.

This is the permission in server 3.11

permget permid=139

worth and also

Sorry but i won’t gie you any support for this. What you do there is nothing we support.
You don’t belong into a QueryGroup and you set Query permission in the ServerQuery itself and not in the TS3 client.

PS needed channel permissions do belong into channels and not into groups or users.

did not understand you very well. I have full access rights to the server including Query

Then please use the ServerQuery interface and not the TeamSpeak client to setup the ServerQuery.

So how does it differ, what will I do through the TeamSpeak client, what through YaTQA?