Everything broken / weird about the new myTS

Wrong timestamps

Something funny happens with the timestamps shown when badges were supposedly redeemed.

The year, day, and minutes are correct. Month and hour, however, are not.

I just found the culprit for the wrong timestamps.
m is for minutes, not months (see Custom date and time format strings - .NET | Microsoft Learn)

The “wrong” hours I reported seem only to be a timezone difference.

Instead of forcing a format, I suggest using the built-in JavaScript toLocaleString() function. This would show the date format as the user expects from their system settings. (see Date.prototype.toLocaleString() - JavaScript | MDN and JavaScript built-in: Date: toLocaleString | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc)

Weird sorting

The old myTS website sorted badges and addons by the date of redemption or date of update respectively. Now, they are sorted by their UUID. From a technical point of view, this is somewhat logical but not that nice for the user.

Strange server response

The request to https://www.myteamspeak.com/api/ returns some API endpoints and how they are used.

   "resources": {
      "addons": {
         "uri": "/addons",
         "methods": ["GET"]
   "entityType": "INDEX_RESOURCE",
   "data": {}

The request to https://www.myteamspeak.com/api/servers, however, returns a weird URI:

   "resources": {
      "add": {
         "uri": "http://localhost:8088/servers",
         "methods": ["POST"]
   "data": {
      "items": [],
      "count": 0

This doesn’t seem to break anything, but it still struck me as unintentional.

Where are my addons???

I can still download addons, but where are my submitted addons? I know they can’t be updated atm, but I couldn’t even delete them…

No Favicon :frowning:

I just noticed that there is also no favicon for the myTeamSpeak part of the website.

Broken links

The data does not load properly when sharing links to addons or developer profiles.

(same page, left opened by navigating manually, right opened through the link directly)
This seems to be related to a missing session.

Ugly links

Some links are JavaScript links. This does not allow opening them in a new tab through a middle mouse click or copying the link for sharing through the context menu.

  • Wrong timestamps
    We have a ticket for that and is fix in our dev environment already. Will be fixed

  • Wrong timestamps #2
    Is suggested in a ticket to respect date format from client. Will be 24h format only

  • Weird sorting
    Is suggested in a ticket to revert this back. Will be fixed

  • Where are my add-ons
    They are still there.
    Since all is read only this section got removed. When you like to have your add-on removed, please send us a ticket. Same counts for developer phone number.

  • No Favicon
    Is now a ticket . Thanks Is fixed

  • Broken links
    A ticket for this exists already.

  • Ugly links
    Is now a suggestion to change it. Will be fixed

Ps no need to add new posts when last is still yours and nobody replied. Edit is your friend :slight_smile:
Merged all your stuff to existing report.