Exporting identity from PC to Iphone

I need help exporting my Identity from my Windows PC to my Iphone so I can keep my registry in all servers

If you have a MyTS account, you can simply connect your MyTS account to your phone and all the identities you have on your PC will be the same on your phone.

How I do that? Where myts account is located in the PC?

You can create acc on this link - myTeamSpeak

In your PC client you can also create your account.
Just open Tools > Settings > myTeamSpeak

On that page make sure Synchronization is on Automatic.

After you are logged in into your account, open Tools > Identities.
Now move the identity you like to sync to the Synchronized area.

Option B would be to export your identity in that dialog and import your identity with iTunes.
There you can drop the generated file into the TS3 app.

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