[F/R] badges in chat

With all those fancy new badges why only display them on the server tree?
Imagine those juicy badges displayed in the (global) chat :drooling_face:

I create a little mockup of how that could look like:

See this as my formal request for such a feature.


I really like your idea!


I don’t think anything of it. I don’t give a ■■■■ about the badges in the chat, if I may say so honestly. It’s enough that they are displayed on the server, but next person suggests that they are immediately still listed in the contact list in a separate profile. The badges are still a gimmick and especially in chat irrelevant and unnecessary.

The chat should be clearly recognizable and not cluttered.


If they add that, of course they will make it so that you can adjust the visibility in the options.

Not saying no to this, but agree to Cornelius.

Better a place to present them in a profile where anyone who is interested to watch them can do this. And not another place to smash badges into the view of everyone.

Adding a setting to hide what was added is nice. But more options overload settings and make them hard to find.


I generally agree with those concerns but I worked with the given parameters. Generally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to just dismiss such novelty features as useless or just a gimmick. If you want a simple chat client like IRC, you should go use IRC but not hold TeamSpeak back as it tries to develop more into a social media platform, just like its direct competitors.

Seeing that there simply is no public user profile I opted to just place it next to the username. I could imagine a profile pop-up when clicking on a username, something like this:


I really support this idea! +1


The overlay idea itself is not bad, but the badges have nothing to do with the chat in my opinion.
Also, why should TeamSpeak advertise Discord through an integration?

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