[F/R] For missing Remote Apps requests

Sending Keybindings directly to the Client

To make the Setup process easier, I would like to see a way to automatically set the Keybindings trough the WebSocket, so that after you connected the Remote App you don’t need to setup the Keybindings on your own. The process of setting up the Keybindings manually seems to many people unintuitive (from my perspective). After they accepted the request in the Client they may think that the Hotkeys do now work, which is not the case!

This should also work for Whisper to List. The Remote App then just needs to send the Whisperlist name with the Keybinding.

To properly integrate requested features and currently available ones, should the TeamSpeak Client send

  • Keybindings for all Keys on connection establishment
  • All Whisperlists on connection establishment
  • Mute,AFK & Sound Mute Status on connection establishment
  • Global Chat messages

to the Remote App.

@TS.ChrisR pls make update :innocent: