[F/R] remove sensitive Metadata

When sending files (especially images) I would like to see metadata removed.

Usually, sending files is about the file contents and not the file’s metadata.
Imagine I took a picture with my phone or camera that automatically attaches metadata, like capture settings and especially the exact GPS coordinates. When I then send this picture to someone I don’t want them to know where I live just from this image.

I think any metadata that is not strictly needed should be removed before sending any file to prevent any possible leak of sensitive data.


That’s useful and seems to be done in other messengers.

But they do touch the file in size and quality and do not save these data.
We do not touch any files yet.

Needs to be discussed in Team.


merged by moderator

Meta data is not being removed from files when uploaded to TS5 Group Chat, therefor disclosing potential personal data, like GPS location, which could lead to abuse or harm on a person.

IMHO this is a big no-go and must be seen as security and safety issue. Such metadata must be removed like on other social platforms (facebook and twitter).

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