F13-24 Hotkeys

PLS make the F13-24 keys usable. that would be rly awesome! PLS PLS

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yes no maybe? it would be rly awesome. i need to config more keys that unused in games

They work for me. Problem is that they don’t display as F13-24, instead they just show a number (something in the 124-135 range). But it binds and works fine when I press the F13-F24 keys.

Note: My keyboard does not have those actual keys so I’ve use Razer Synapse to remap some keys to the F13-F24 range. But the key presses passed to Windows and Apps from the device driver is the same as actually having those keys. I’m able to bind them in TS3 and TS5 Beta, both just have the issues of not showing the F13-24 naming for the key.

Thank u for ur help, but is doesn´t work for me. I use touchportal to bind and press F13-24 and in all other apps it works but not with teamspeak.

Are you running TeamSpeak or TouchPortal with elevated (admin) permissions? And are you on Windows or Mac? I have TP on Windows and can see about testing with that software, maybe on Sunday.

I use win10 and i start TP and TS as admin… but it wont work :frowning:

I got home “early”. I just tested TouchPortal (Ver. 2.3.001) using “Virtual Key Press” and “Low-level Key Press” with TeamSpeak 3 and TeamSpeak 5.

The TS5 works with both Key Press methods, only Low-level Key Press works with TS3. I do not run either as admin, both run as normal user.

TP working with TS3

ok. First time i tested it, it wont works… but now it works. i dont know why but it does :slight_smile: thanks u mate