Failed to read image after computer reset

I recently reset my computer and deleted everything in my drives because I added a new drive and wanted to rearrange all my files. After reinstalling TeamSpeak3 I was unable to see many of the images on the server I hang out on. Some of the images load, but others do not.

They appear as such: 🚫 the no-smoking symbol, or a piece of paper icon.

When I checked the logs, these messages repeat and appear in various forms:

1/1/2021 01:33:15 Info Failed to read image D:/Teamspeak/config/cache/remote/6LxEkNL5Fc1UgmLWPtJcgV1LVQ1oXL_IVt8rbnMBzB6Z5jjjJtD3___jhXh70bQtQjSfvv9h_HZtG7m49nzQiw==

1/1/2021 01:30:31 Info Failed to download remote image: Error transferring - server replied: Forbidden 201

They used to say C:/windows.old/… from before the computer reset, which I then deleted, but now it changed to appear as it does above with the D:/Teamspeak/config…

I understand these images may have been saved to a local cache that no longer exists. These images are not avatars, but images in the server. I have no other issues with badges, flags, or anything else, just many pictures on the server’s right-hand side-bar.

I have tried clearing my cache in various ways, and reinstalling teamspeak many times with different options, but nothing seems to be able to fix this issue.

And that’s the answer! Imgur blocks TS for some reason for quite a bit now.

If you’d like to see this images again, you’d either hand-make cache folder (rather unreliable) or inform server administration about this, telling them to upload images onto either another image provider or, preferably, upload them onto their server.

There’s nothing else you can do with this.