Feature request: Bookmark profile settings

Hi everyone,

I miss the following feature in the actual beta version: The possibility to set capture, playback and hotkey profiles for a bookmarked server. I find this usefule, because some of the servers I’m on require push-to-talk, but I want only these servers to use this, so they would need a different setting profile then my other servers.

Hi there and thank you for letting me try the beta.
The one thing I’m really missing and maybe it’s just that I’m blind but I can’t seem to find audio profiles for capture and playback. I see that there is profiles for Hotkeys but not for the audio devices? In TS3 I usually have 2 profiles I switch between for a wireless headset and my desktop headset. Is this a planned feature for the new TS client?

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, I am really missing those, too. Actually the ability to login with multiple identities using multiple capture profiles all from the same client accessable via tabs, was the main reason for me not to migrate my community from TS3 to Discord years ago. It is just THAT good of a feature. Any word if it is going to return in TS5?
Don’t get me wrong, all the other stuff you guys added sounds interesting as well, but if that particular feature is not there we are not moving to TS5.

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