[Feature Request] Have option to show both current server channels and chat simulatenously ( while on a reduced screen size )

One thing that has been a source of constant frustration is I don’t want, or need teamspeak to take up half of a screen just so I can simultaneously see the channel list and chat. In addition, for me at least, I only have 2 servers in the list one being the free test one, so that server list panel is a huge amount of wasted space. Being able to collapse, or hide it entirely would be preferable when in a reduced window size. I’d much rather have to toggle this on and off, because it would be a much less frequent chore than having to constantly switch between the channel and chat view.

Currently what TS5 does is when reducing the window to a tablet sized width, it hides the chat and only shows the server list, and then another panel in which you can toggle between user list and chat. TBH TS3’s horizontally split view ( when in this reduced window size ) fit the bill perfectly.

And while we’re at it. When connecting and being placed into the default channel, please default to the chat panel instead of the server info panel, similar to how it performs when manually navigating into another channel by double clicking. It will automatically have the chat panel disabled.

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