[Feature Request] Noise Gate in Microphone settings

Hello together,

first post so i hope i dont break any rules and stuff. I could not find a thread on this topic so i guess no one asked for that yet.

I would really appreciate if it could be possible to set a noisegate for the microphone in Teamspeak 5.
So u have a range of dB where your mic is active (two points on the dB Bar in settings) and if you for example laugh real loud or drop something from your table or you start screaming cause u got killed in a FPS game others dont hear you.

hopefully you can understand what i mean and maybe the Teamspeak Team thinks about adding such option.

Hello @finneus
Good news- a noise gate is already implemented.
Check your Settings>Audio>>Capture>>>Voice Activity Detection.
You can select between Automatic, Volume Gate and Hybrid (which is my setting).
Underneath is a Gate which can be configured to your needs, so normal background cant aktivate your mic, unless its as loud as yourself while speaking.
So if your about to sneeze into the mic, you can also set a hotkey to mute yourself temorary :wink:
Settings>Key Bindings

Hi @LittleFreak92 im already using Hybrid for my Mic but if something loud happens it gets recorded. But yeah I could just mute myself while something loud appears.

A Noicegate slider which also has a maximum setting would be even better I think.

In the TeamSpeak Client you have an option for Noise Reduction. Just increase it and it should be better! :smiley: (if you have problems with background noise)

How the Guy above said its already implemented

No. The feature requested is not implemented.
What he is asking for is essentially a limiter that simply does not transmit instead of limiting.
TeamSpeak has no limiter builtin.
To be honest I am not sure if this is a feature that TeamSpeak should implement, to me it feels more like something that should be handled by the input pipeline (either hard- or software).
Nevertheless having it is always better than not having it.

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There are is still different options available for reducing the background noise or reducing volume. It has different things for the microphone already.

You could use Push to Talk/Mute instead, if you really have issues with sudden loud background noises which extend the noise gate on a regular Basis.