Feature Request - press F2 to change your name

In TeamSpeak 3, it was possible to change your name by clicking on your client and using the F2 button. However, in TeamSpeak 5, this feature is no longer available. It would be nice to have that feature back as a quick way to change your name.

F2 Button


In TS3 i simply use double click to change my name.
I think it would be better if they didn’t plan another function for the double click.

He is talking about TeamSpeak 5 not about TeamSpeak 3

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I know, i mean double click in TS5, just like in TS3.
Same function just with different button (double click instead of F2) it would be nice :slight_smile:

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Including both options would suit me, that F2 and double click would work again.


Both (F2 for channel and yourself, Double Click on yourself) is now a feature request ticket.

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