Feature Request - Show progress when logging in

Please add a status message to your spinner so that you know how long or how many messages you still have to download.

My test phone got quite hot when I first logged in and syncing took quite a while, just like on the PC.

It would be nice to see the current progress so you don’t think the app is having problems or has crashed.

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Discussed this with our development.

This can’t be done.
The client doesn’t have that information what else needs be loaded.

But we still have on our list to improve loading times (in case account has chats under normal conditions…).


If you’re trying to tell me it’s up to Elements…

I have specially created a new account.

Unfortunately I had to downgrade my TeamSpeak to Beta 70 first.

Beta 72 does not seem to be able to set up chat or Homebase.

Android was merciful, I only needed 6min there. Or rather, I did not set a stopwatch.

Talking about your rooms, bots, users or whatever you do and complain after even if we told over and over again to stop it or live with the consequences…

Not going further to put more time to discuss that. You wasted enough of our time with such topic.

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