[Feature Request] Text-to-Speech notifications


I’ve been using the new TeamSpeak Client for a while now and what really bugs me up til now is the lack of Text-to-Speech notifications.

Why add Text-to-Speech notifications?

  • When being connected to multiple servers at the same time, it is hard to keep track of what is happening on which server. Text-to-Speech allows the user to achieve this without requiring the user to look at TeamSpeak.
  • It allows for more customization regarding notifications.
  • It improves usability and accessibility, especially for the visually impaired.
  • It is already implemented in TeamSpeak 3 and the lack of this feature in TeamSpeak may discourage users from migrating.

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This is something I also use for many reasons, including knowing who’s coming in IE administration purposes etc. I’m thinking maybe this feature is absent due to it’s a beta still. we will see.


I’d love this feature also, super handy. When your in game and you got one monitor.

adding to this. I use this feature heavily in combination with setting phonetic nicknames basically everywhere. I agree with Timo that this would keep my entire server’s user base to continue to use the ts3 client


I still use the TS3 client because this feature is missing. With only one monitor, it’s great to get a joining or leaving user’s name read out, along with the channel they are going to.

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Would be nice if like on ts3 when player join/leaves server/channel the notifications.
Other users on my server can hear who’s joining the server/channel. on ts5 its only user join channel.
so when that will be back it would be assome!!

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On my server I get sound notifications when someone enters and leaves the channel. Also you can hear when someone enters or leaves the server.

Check if you have the following settings enabled for your notifications:

For the advanced view, right-click on a notification.

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Thats actually already possible, even with a soundpack of your choice.
Im on mobile atm, so I’ll get back to you tomorrow, when I can name you full file paths.

Edit: What @Cornelius wrote is correct. I can show you tomorrow further customizations if you want.


I guess he means the Text to speech pack which is not avaliable in TS5 (yet)


hi thx for reply. but the: user joined the server is not there that would be nice. also with the name would be great. but thx i dint knew the advanced options.

ok thx!

yes text to speech would be nice thats why the suggestion. thx for reply

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it is possible to implement this at this point and I also use it (If I do not forget to activate it). However, it is not a nice way and I would not recommend it.

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Hello guys,
I wanted to ask you something. Recently I saw this forum topic =>[Feature Request] Text-to-Speech notifications<=. Then I realized how much I actually miss the feature. For this reason, I had written myself a small program that performs this task. I had also hinted at this in my post but didn’t write anything else about it. [Feature Request] Text-to-Speech notifications - #11 by Vito_thedog. After some research I found out that I didn’t find out anything >:) There is no text-to-speech program for Teamspeak 5, so I thought that the demand can’t be that high. For this reason I just wanted to ask who would theoretically get something like this.

The following conditions:

  • An extra program (Must be open)
  • Portable = Everything in one direcotry and no fixed installation

Why I ask this:
I am not good at programming, however I had quickly written a program that can read out all the basics. ( Join channel, mute, messages and theoretically many unnecessary more ). And I would be interested now, whether it would be worthwhile to make everything again, so better performance, easier extensible etc and finally to provide others.

Theoretical functions:

Speech-to-text for:

  • User enters/leaves channel (With user mention)
  • Private, as well as chat messages
  • Own channel mention
  • Sounds for any actions. (Something like a soundpack)²

All the above functions can and would be turned on or off individually. At the moment everything would run in the terminal.
Depending on how fast Teamspeak, how high the interest and how fast I would be maybe a webinterface would make sense.

*² As far as I can access this data of the actions

  • Yes, I would use it
  • I might use it, but would have to look at it first
  • No, I would not use it at all
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  • I look forward to feedback
  • If you have any questions you can write me privately or post your questions here below

While I appreciate your work, I’d just stay with my soundpack/ replaced *. wav.

I’m keeping an eye on this thread because it’s the main reason I’ve switched to Discord, since it has an overlay so I can literally see who joined and don’t need the Text-To-Speech announcement saying ‘%USERNAME% joined the channel’.
I was hoping that after 2 years there would have been some progress in having soundpack support similar to TS3.

The entire reason I and my entire server base use the text to speak pack is because the audible messages are actually useful
‘user has joined your channel’ is a useless notification.
‘bedders has joined your channel’ or ‘bedders has joined your server’ is what that notification should be.
all of my users use the phonetic nickname field in ts3 and without that feature ts5 is doa for us.