[Feature Request] Text-to-Speech notifications


I’ve been using the new TeamSpeak Client for a while now and what really bugs me up til now is the lack of Text-to-Speech notifications.

Why add Text-to-Speech notifications?

  • When being connected to multiple servers at the same time, it is hard to keep track of what is happening on which server. Text-to-Speech allows the user to achieve this without requiring the user to look at TeamSpeak.
  • It allows for more customization regarding notifications.
  • It improves usability and accessibility, especially for the visually impaired.
  • It is already implemented in TeamSpeak 3 and the lack of this feature in TeamSpeak may discourage users from migrating.

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This is something I also use for many reasons, including knowing who’s coming in IE administration purposes etc. I’m thinking maybe this feature is absent due to it’s a beta still. we will see.


I’d love this feature also, super handy. When your in game and you got one monitor.

adding to this. I use this feature heavily in combination with setting phonetic nicknames basically everywhere. I agree with Timo that this would keep my entire server’s user base to continue to use the ts3 client

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I still use the TS3 client because this feature is missing. With only one monitor, it’s great to get a joining or leaving user’s name read out, along with the channel they are going to.

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