Feedback and some critics on overall UI

Hey, long time teamspeak user here, from those old NPL license times. The following won’t be very technical because it’s just a feeling, an impression of the UI.

Currently the UI looks a little bit too spacey, as if I’m starting some hip future-esque game. Looking at the biggest competitor, their UI is just not that “bouncy”, like when hovering over the mic/headphone options. Everything is now something between a normal desktop UI (space efficient, obvious animations, old-style theming) and the look’n feel of recent electron based clients. So I have the feeling that it lost it’s identity and is trying to be hip, while failing to do so.

It’s a beta, but it’s still an overall impression of what I’m given currently. Also pretty sad to see the slim QT-based UI going away, but I guess it’s easier to develop this way.