Feedback, Channel Icons, Tree Style, Feature Suggestion: Moderation Queue


I’ve been testing the new client for a while now and have to say, I’m very happy with it so far. Thank you devs!

Some feedback, which might already exist in some thread- I haven’t found anything however:

  1. Channel-icons do not show in the new client when they are pngs (or have transparency?), while appearing absolutely fine when set as group-icons.

  2. As far as I can tell the setting “Tree Style” in Appearance is the exactly same thing as the two buttons on the top right next to “Show current channel chat”. I personally would prefer to synchronize these two ways of setting the style.

  3. This one is a feature-request: I love the Moderation Queue, however a mechanism to automatically remove talk power again from users after a new one got his/her “slot” in the moderation queue would be super nice. (Max number of users with talk-power in a channel, except priority speakers)
    Like in a “real” discussion where you have one or more moderators (priority speaker) and a bunch of people who can raise their hand (request a talking-slot) and only one of them at a time may talk. Then another one gets to talk and so on… If you want to participate in the discussion again, you have to request talk power again.

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This is intended behaviour. In the settings you set the appearance for all servers you connect to or are connected to at the moment. However if you change the tree style from the tree (top right) it only changes the appearance of the selected server and if bookmarked, saves that for the server. That way you can choose a preferred option for all servers but are still able to change the appearance of only one server (e.g. a lot of users and you want to see more of the tree). Very useful for when connected to multiple servers!

Okay, I see… this makes actually sense :wink:

Regarding no. 3 from my original post: actually discovered it’s already (sort of) implemented in the old client in the channel submenu as “Revoke all and grant next…”