Feedback from an long time user about a recent change (Automatic Gain Control)

Dear feedback-team, (the text written in bold is kind of a summary to safe up your time and isn’t meant as offending or anything)

I am using Teamspeak for at least 15 years on an almost daily basis. But the most recent change actually made me creating an account on your website to be able to post in here even after all these years.

Cause I am a developer myself, I will not tell you what you should do but provide you an in-depth look at my little outrage here.

To increase my voice quality for my squad, I bought a condenser microphone a few months ago. Because I am using Voice activation instead of PTT, it took me a lot of time to get into the sweet spot of letting the mic activate when I speak and not when I, for example, type anything on the keyboard. Most of the tweaking measures where about decoupling the mic from the table and dampening other sound sources, of course.

Just a few days ago, my mates started to complain again about different noises they hear from my mic and I went through the whole procedure again. While I tested my setup, I realize that my mic sounds crystal clear through the windows build-in feature to use the mic as a “sound source”. My Windows 10 64Bit installation is in German, so I am not entirely sure how I should translate this correctly. Nevertheless, using Teamspeak’s build-in test in the Capture category provided a totally different experience. For example, while I am not speaking at all but writing some code in Visual Studio, for example, the Automatic Gain Control increases the gain until a certain threshold. When the Voice Activation than kicks in, I hear very distracting noises from my keyboard cause they seem to be gained very heavily. If I then start to talk, the gain gets removed entirely to a more or less good quality, not as crystal clear then the windows build-in test, but nearly acceptable. But at the beginning, at the moment it actually kicks in, my first few letters are so disastrous over gained…
As far as I understood it, the voice activation feature isn’t actually affected by the gain, at least this is what the meters are showing me. So far so good. But in the old versions of Teamspeak, I always had the auto gain option disabled. I know that the mic sometimes kicked in through a keystroke, but because they were not gained, no one was really bothered by it. But now, the option moved over to the “Playback” category. Uhm… yeah… I don’t like it at all, cause you are basically forcing me now to ask everyone that is joining my channel to turn off this option, which is already unacceptable. But there are other users within my community that rely upon auto gain because of their mic. So… what now? We cannot set this option selectively per user anymore at all???

Actually, I like your approach trying to auto-align every user’s volume for the not so advanced users. But please, do not cut us advanced ones from the options of adjusting every individual to our liking.

Thank you for all these awesome years with Teamspeak and I would love to see a change in here.


Same problem here. I’m a old TS user (15 years too). Since a few weeks I have problem with mic gain, my friends are complaining.

Teamspeak autogain control (invisible option) is doing so bad, when I push to talk, my voice is realy muffled so TS3 increase the gain like hell.

Let the user possibility to control the gain, FFS !

Don’t force me to go on Discord guys, you are killing your company.

My friend has the exact same problem: if he speaks regulary the quality and volume is fine and also no background noise. If he is silent for a while background noise gets amped like crazy until others cant understand each other anymore.

That sounds like it has nothing to do with his playback settings and AGC.

He needs to adjust his input settings, probably lower the voice activation level and/or switch to a different capture mode.

For me the mode hybrid is working perfectly.
(for TeamSpeak 3 and 5)

I use Volume gate and for me working without problem.
I use this in TS 3 and TS 5 :slight_smile:

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