[Feedback] Not showing all server groups

I recognized that not all server / channel groups are shown in the new client.
In my case, a user has three server groups and one channel group (all with icons).
Only 3 groups are displayed, and a “+1”.
I know that it is useful not to show all groups if a user has like 10 or 20 groups.


I think how many groups are displayed should depend on how wide the server window (the left area) on your client is.
The smaller the server area, the less icons should be displayed.
Or just let the user decide the amount of icons in the client settings.

Setting it to a static three is not the best way to go, in my opinion.

You can set this individually, how many icons should be shown. To do this, go to Developer Tools via the Search Bar and then to Server Tree Icon Slots.

Found it, thank you!

I still think there should be the possibility to show the icons dynamically, because 3 is a very low number in my opinion.
Just think about it…