Feedback on the moving of AGC to playback

Dear Teamspeak developers, I truly believe you had good intentions with moving Automatic Voice Gain control to the playback tab of options but after a month, it still bothers me. This should be a setting which can be turned on or off on an individual basis. Not everyone needs to turn it on. Also, it shouldn’t be the responsibility of the other party to decide whether your microphone needs to have it on or not.

Secondly, how you managed to make it work for music bots is, in my opinion, awful. The only reason TeamSpeak still has the best quality in the scene is because of the music channels. Making them unable to be used as talking channels is a really bad idea.

Furthermore, this might just be me, but the quality seems a lot worse if I have the setting enabled. This probably is because of me and my friends being in a voice channel, not a music one but I’ve heard others complaining about this when this feature launched.

I have no idea how you got the idea of moving it to the wrong options tab, if I recall correctly no other VOIP software had done it this way ever. There was a reason for it being on the input side. It just works better.

Take this thread as a plea from me and all the other users who had complained about the feature, to put AGC back where it rightfully belongs. For now, I will be downgrading to 3.3.2 and hope that version will be supported indefinitely.

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