Feedback to the whisper list - Textchat Whisper

You should not only be able to whisper to people by voice but also by text chat. So you could write privately to all admins on the server at the same time or to another group. (For example all players with the group CS: GO / LOL etc.)

You can do that already.
Select the users you want to send a message to (while holding CTRL or Shift key) and then select “Text Message”


It does not work and it is too complicated. Nobody will find this feature.

It does!

  • Hold the CTRL or Shift key
  • Then click on the users
  • Right click any user and select Text Message



Ah check. Thanks. I have it

But if you have a large Teamspeak server with 100+ people, it takes a long time to click all of them. Why can’t you just select a server group in the whisper list (so that you have a fixed group that you want to write to) . Copy Paste is faster for this and Spam.