File Package_inst Crashes upon loading on M1 Mac

When I open “Package_inst” on my M1 Mac, it crashes with the message “Package_inst quit unexpectedly”, please help me

This is unrelated to M1.

Please install latest beta 3.6 and try again.

When problem remains (I personally didn’t test the package installer in that beta) then you must wait for the next update. There the package installer works on latest Mac OS (Tested this last week).

Optional extract the zipped add-on and place it manually in the config path.

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how do I get to config path

If I remember right following should be the path for plugins as an example.

~/Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/plugins

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I don’t see config path


do I just put it in there

I do not see config path, I just put it straight in the plugins folder but I do not see it in my adding

‘TeamSpeak 3’ in Application Support is the config path and I gave you an example where to extract a plugin.

The folder is invisible. You must turn on to show hidden folders.
Press these keys at the same time

Command + Shift + . (period)

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do I put it in here, because when I did I did not see it in teamspeak


is anyone there? Please help me.

You didn’t do that. And please be patient when waiting for a reply…

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