File Transfer Drag and Drop does not work

I have noticed that File Transfer Drag and Drop should be a feature in TeamSpeak 3, but it doesn’t work for me or any of my friends.
We are all on Windows 10, so I don’t know if this is also an issue on Linux or MacOS.
Any solutions?

Kind regards.

Works fine here when i drag and drop a file onto a channel.

The me only known reason why it should not is that the client was started in Admin mode.


Thanks for you answer, but the client wasn’t started in admin mode, not for me or any of my friends.

Then try to move or copy the whole installation folder to %localappdata% and start it from there. This place should work.

If it still doesn’t something on your user permissions do not allow it or you mean something different then me. I’m talking from dragging a file from desktop as an example to a channel or file browser.

Drag and drop from a channel to pc is not a feature!


This seems to work for me :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
But is there any way I can use drag and drop while having TeamSpeak installed in Program Files?