File transfer drag and drop

It’s ridiculous that you still weren’t able to implement drag and drop in the file transfer window in 2020. Other apps that are installed in Program Files are able to handle drag and drop.

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Actually, it’s already possible to drag & drop files from a local folder to the TeamSpeak 3 file browser. You can even use drag & drop between two different file browsers to move an uploaded file to another channel.

Well not on Windows. I asked multiple people, it worked for nobody.

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Are you the Server Owner or have you the rights to upload or download files?

The thing is, you can ONLY use d&d for this.

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ok. :slight_smile:

It is 2020! This is a basic feature nowadays. I hate open dialog boxes to choose files so it really is necessary, I see it more like a feature you expect from everything that works with files. Even my phone supports drag and drop between apps that weren´t designed by the same publisher. It is a standard I would say.

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Drag and Drop is possible since ages.

If you can not do as shown then you run your program as admin from program folder. That’s at least one me known reason why Windows will show you a Blocked sign there…


Well I’m running it from the Program Files Folder but not as Admin. As I said, other applications that are installed in Program Files are able to use drag and drop, too. So it’s strange that TS is the only app that is not able to do that.

Your other applications may not use QT.

But are you Admin or UAC denies you to interact. One of these can be the reason.
Try to change these settings or start the client from another location (like desktop).

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But why would being admin be a problem? Elevated permissions should allow you more not less, shouldn’t they?