First Chat Msg doesn't show when not sized in Full Screen

Hi Guys,

after the latest Patch i have the problem that the first msg in a chat is coverd by the user information. (See screenshot)
How to reproduce it.

  • 1920 x 1080
  • 24 Zoll
    Pictures show the problem in difrent sized windows.

Hope this helps if any further informations are needed just let me know.

  • Dino

That’s a known but old issue when transparent header is active.
But thanks for the report :smiley:


Hey @staff,
I just run into a bug in TS5. I’m not sure, if it’s new in this beta35 but going to report it here anyway.
It’s a bug related to the position of the first chat message with another user on small window sizes.
With small window / chat size, the first messages of a chat are hidden under the top banner of the client, with no ability to scroll down.

Please see the two attached screenshots:
First (bugged):

Second (fine):

The only difference between those to screenshots is the window size in the second picture is a few pixels wider.
Measured from the screenshots:
Chat Size of the first Picture: 559px
Chat Size of the second Picture: 560px

Keep up the good work!

Beta 36 will fix that issue.