Formatting text on teamspeak 5

I’d like to suggest adding the old text formatting system as there will be people sticking with ts3 and won’t see well formatted text in Markdown like ts5 the user won’t see BBCode. Lots of bots have been created to send BBcode messages, it looks very nasty on teamspeak 5, in my opinion it would be a good idea to add BBCode to ts5 and Markdown to ts3.


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The long term goal is to phase TeamSpeak 3 out of existence and adding in full BB Code support in the new client generation could lead people using the new client to expect it to remain in place indefinitely. The plan is to go forwards, not backwards.

Support for BB code in channel descriptions was added back in because it is widely used by server administrators who are still mainly on version 3 and users of the new client are much more likely to run into BB code formatted channel descriptions than BB code formatted chat messages.

Which normal user even takes the time to format their chat messages with BB code? I consider interactive bots an edge case which was never intended to even be a “thing”.

Therefore, I’d rather try and somehow patch Markdown support into TeamSpeak 3 and possibly even remove support for BB Code altogether in order to force people (including bot creators) to “upgrade” to the new format.

The problem here is that TeamSpeak is already having a hard time to get the new client generation done and I’d be surprised if they actually managed to dig into the ancient code base to somehow force a Markdown parser in there.