Forum Game: Country, City, River

Let’s play a game: Country, City, River

A game that probably everyone knows, but just in case I will write what’s going on:

The game consists in selecting one letter and writing out countries, cities, rivers etc. starting with that letter - each next person writes only one of them:

  1. Country :earth_africa:
  2. City :cityscape:
  3. River :national_park:
  4. Plant :seedling:
  5. Animal :dolphin:
  6. Thing :soccer:
  7. Name :bust_in_silhouette:


  • The names of countries, cities, rivers etc. must be written in English

  • Each time the game ends with a name - the next person chooses a new letter and writes the first item on the list (country)

  • The letters that can be chosen to continue the game must belong to the English alphabet

  • The same letter can only be chosen once every 10 selected letters!

So I will start it off with:

I choose the letter A
Country: Argentina :argentina:

Austin :us:

River: Amazon

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