Hello Team & Community,

I have a question:

Is there any reason why this forum software is used?

An objective question to everyone here: Do you find this forum software easy to use? There are so many good and clear software like XenForo, IP, Woltlab. Why this?!

Well I’ve got some experiences with vBulletin, XenForo & WoltLab.

But just to be honest; I didn’t really like all these softwares which I’ve named here above, because they’re mostly not so comfortable for me personally right now.

TeamSpeak used in their old forum something like “vBulletin” which was the worst software I’ve ever seen, but in their time (year 2002) it was kinda the only one which was good to use.

After many years, new softwares like XenForo (2010) came out and WoltLab, IP somehow too…

However: I really like the new forum software which TeamSpeak does use right now. It’s way too modern and the design was great customized for TeamSpeak in general. :slight_smile:

There are of course other communities who use this forum software, and they also got great experiences I guess. (e.g. cloudflare community)

And this forum has quite everything which it does need, or doesn’t it?

I don’t really see where the problem with this software is. We have everything what we need. And I’m also glad that TeamSpeak finally got his new forum after more than 18 years in the old forum, which looked so awful and outdated. This forum was a great step in my opinion right now.


Discourse (the software for the forum) is flexible, scalable, has a great performance and (most important) it is open source.

My community has been using Discourse since March 2018 and the general support provided as well as the quality/speed of the updates is top-notch.

Word! Most important: It’s not bloated with stuff only a fraction of users need which keeps it nice and clean :slight_smile:

The culmination of all of that makes me a fan :smiley:
But keep in mind that I am the “admin guy” and not the “programmer” when it comes to stuff like this :wink:

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I also have a lot of forum software experience and I have already programmed for some software. I have a hard time to keep track of all the software here. Please don’t misunderstand because I think the software here is very well programmed. But I don’t find it as clear as other software like Xenforo or WoltLab. The overview is not good…

Nothing is perfect, but I find it clean, works well, and performs nicely on mobile too!


yes you are right… :smiley: