[FR] some myTS settings syncing

I think some more settings could / should be synced using myTS.
Mainly I would like to see the client language synced.


Not a fan of this request.

In priority the client should take the system language as long it wasn’t set otherwise on that system.


So what about this:
You introduce a new option in the drop-down: System.
This would fix multiple things:

  • You could synchronize the settings while allowing the users to overwrite it.
  • Currently the system setting is only detected once. That means if I change my system language, TeamSpeak will remain outdated. Also if my system language is not yet supported TeamSpeak won’t automatically switch once the language is added.
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As long user did not touch language settings (and stored these in the preferences.json) this is checked on each start.

See above.


Okay, then I was mistaken.
This however would still not allow the user to switch back to the system-selected one after they picked one.
Let’s say my language is not yet supported so the client falls back to English. I don’t really speak English but another language that is implemented, so I switch to that. If now my real language gets implemented the client won’t switch to it as I selected another one previously.


As we did discuss in voice (for the reader(s) here):

In that case you would not get the new language, because you did set it before and it would sync the old setting to your client.


Another idea:

  • sync frequently used emojis
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