FR store icons in database

when using mariadb it would be great if we can opt to store icons in the database so that they will never be lost. I can’t imagine the current files directory is any more useful in the event of a failure as the directories are tied to the server config

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Databases are not made for storing binary data. Databases are made for storing text.

You certainly can store files in a database but why would you want to do that when you can simply store a file system path instead?

File systems are designed to store files. They do this very well.

Your motivation behind this suggestion is a disaster recovery plan, as you mentioned.

So what you really want is probably an easier way to take a snapshot of any TeamSpeak server, including uploaded files such as icons, to ease the process of restoring from a backup.

When writing feature requests, always think about the goal first and not so much about the way to get there.

That’s actually the developer’s task.


base 64 is an easy way to store the icons as text, and they are small enough that the overhead is not a problem or even worse than the filesystem. unlike other files which can be uploaded by users icons are intrinsic to the server config.

I stand by my request as written

and honestly my biggest issue has come from just doing server upgrades rather than disaster recovery as I used symlinks to move the server path from one version to the next in the absence of say deb packages. when you lose icons due to error you don’t notice as your client caches the request.


with respect to server upgrades being prone to admin user error and losing icons, docker fixes these concerns… I will eventually make the switch! I have quite a lot of work to do before then so I’ve opted to just use freebsd ports for now.

i will say that this community seems to have a much more end user friendly focus than the old forums. this is great! there is a sticky outlining the proper way to perform an upgrade. this wasn’t so easy to find for years and package management was frowned upon for various distros. maybe I wouldn’t have had this complaint if these resources were available back in the day.

So thank you to the teamspeak team. great job!

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