Free server info?

I may just be blind, but I can’t seem to find the info to have friends connect to my free server in the new client. Can people not in the beta not connect to the servers? Also I can’t see where to connect to a new server in the new client.

Hey @Vaxtros ,

if you go to the “Manage Servers” Tool and see your server, you can view the IP Adress and the Port.
Other Users or Friends can connect via the IP and Port, and you too.

But currently, everyone have only the Guest-Server-Group. So, you can’t create/delete Channels and the Groups.
The feature is comming…

I feel like I am missing something lol, am I supposed to go somewhere from here?


Oh, sorry, that’s not your problem…

Have you bookmarked your server? If yes, you can edit the bookmark and see it too.

And if not, go to the server, click on the Name high top and then you see right the IP

I think I may just have a completely different server lol, can’t connect from TS3, and that’s with TS3 fully updated

Yes :grin:
I forgot to say: You can only connect to the Servers, if you change your Update Channel to Beta


I always die a little on the inside when I see people using the dark style, but not the dark icon pack.


Ahhhh, that makes more sense


In my defense, I did a fresh install of windows recently, and I was customizing TS before I went to bed and woke up to a beta code lol


Yep! TeamSpeak 3.5.0 allows connecting to these TS5 new servers.


Nice! Are you happy or have you more questions?

Nope, that’s all I had trouble with!

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