Free teamspeak musicbot


if you run your own teamspeak server and dont want to pay for ambient music, check out

We offer free musicbots for everyone with great music quality and finance our scalable server infrastructure entirely through advertising on our page.

  • High music quality
  • Completely for free
  • Highly customizable
  • Play your own music

Check now, it is completely free and doesnt take a minute to register and spin up your first bot!

Hello this is a great idea unfortunately currently it does not work when I try to connect a bot on my server it does not connect with the IP address or with a MyTeamSpeak nickname.

the connection to the server turns loop on the site

I found the problem it is from the website it does not save the server password even after registering

Hello, this bug is now fixed, server / channel password should now be saved and working as expected.

Hello, I found a new bug when we connect the bot the site says that the bot is always offline that it is well connected and we cannot stop it, however we can connect the bot several times by clicking on the start button.

Unable to access pages &

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Hello, first of all, thank you for your service. It’s stable and working fine for now. I wish you healthy days :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a bug to report too!
When you hit the “renew” button and after the captcha the bot doesn’t renew but is set as expired. After 30 minutes the bot gets disconnected and if you want to restart it a new identity is set.

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This Bug is fixed too, bots should now start as normal. Bots which are online but not listed in the webinterface should be synced some minutes after the join.
What do you mean with “Unable to access pages”?

Thanks, bug is fixed too. Renew should now work as expected.

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