Freeze crash or something that crashes clients?

Hi, is it true that you have one problem with “Hanging Teamspeak Process”.
My provider said to me that this is problem already few months, it freezes clients on teamspeak and they timeout, and sometimes server crashes so Im wondering is that true?

without a log we can’t say much

I’m not hosting my server but yes my host tell us that some server crash without reason since he updated the servers to the last version.

well since its hosted by provider I dont have any log, just that message from him so…
But next month I’ll try to host it by myself and see what happens

So do you think if I put it as older version it wouldnt happen?

And is there any thread about it or what? If its crashing shouldn’t they already be working on it and new update?

On like 600 servers hosted just 3-4 of them crashed so it’s really hard to know what cause that.
Actually i guess they are working hard on TS5 and i don’t even know if they are aware of this so idk.

For the previous version yes it is stable but there is a security breach if i remember well, i’m not aware of this since i 'm not an host but you should make some research before downgrading your server if i can say that like this :slight_smile:

if that previous version doesnt have crash bug than for me its okay to downgrade

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There is nothing in the server that does freeze or crash clients.
It is known that some hosts who start and stop a lot of server (why ever they do it :man_shrugging:) can crash. But these hosts wrote tickets and got a test version with a fix.


thanks, and its same on gamer license as on host provider?