Game start lagging after open TS /Discord

Hello can someone help me. My games run normally without opened teamspeak but when i open teamspeak my games start lagging so much, droping fps from 200 to 30 when i flick my mouse (CS-GO) thanks for answer.

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First I need to know: Are you actually talking about the (all new) TeamSpeak client or the TeamSpeak 3 client?

Im using teamspeak 3

Ok, so first please move this thread to the TeamSpeak 3 topic, bla bla…

But in regards to your issue:
Try starting TeamSpeak with the --force-opengl-soft flag. This will disable hardware acceleration for TS.
To do so add the option to the shortcut like shown:


Thank you very much i Will try this tommorow and i Will tell you if it worked

nothing changed still lagging even i play any other games i was trying discord and i have same problem like on teamspeak 3 i dont know whats going on never had this problem before.

maybe i found a problem i was checking driver of audio and i have old driver from 2014 maybe thats why.
i try to install a new one and check if something changed

i installed new driver but still lagging

No i try this even putting in high priority nothing changed.

I think i need to reinstall drivers because i was searching solutions and i found a guy, he had same problem Like me and he just reinstall drivers and fix it so i Will try this.

Hello, were you able to solve the input lag problem? I have the same problem for a long time and I don’t know how to solve it