[GameDay] New game

My idea for the next gameday would be the game Minecraft.

Here you could incorporate different rounds of jump and runs or other game modes.

You should consider that different modes are taken because not all players are good at jump and run or the respective games, so the possibility is given that almost every player wins.

The hosting, I could also take over or create a web interface access for the ts team


Minecraft offers so much different playmodes/games, it would be a perfect fit for the TS Gameday in my opinion! Maybe it would be a good idea to do like 2 lobbies simultaneously, so you can put in a few more games and more people could actually grab a trophy :slight_smile:


a good addition!

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The same can be said about Counter Strike or Team Fortress 2. We could do a surf map, zombie escape, or a death run.

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I think surfing in CS:GO would be a bit too special, not everybody can surf that well :thinking:

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