Gamer License for Two Servers

Good afternoon, all.

I have purchased a Teamspeak 3 Gamer License to share 128 slots over two servers.

If I run one of the servers with 64 and the other with 64, they both start fine. However, whichever one I started second will crash after a few minutes and tell me that too many servers are in use.

error: virtualserver limit reached

The two servers are running on different IPs.

Thank you for any information anyone can provide me with.

A far as i know , you can only run a license with one ip. Hosting 2 virtual servers does not mean different machines.

Oh man as Virtual Servers we thought it meant versions of the Teamspeak server.

Fml. How could we best resolve this?

We have effectively ended up with a license we can’t use properly. Eeeeeek.

Thank you for your time in replying.

it only means that you can divide one teamspeak programm software on one ip into 2 differnet TS Servers.

They get divided by the port. For example the first TS Server made always has default the port 9987 so the 2nd TS Server has automaticly the port 9988.

It would look like this in the ip: and

the ips have to be the same.

Thank you I will try this tonight once everyone has logged off.

I will send my results back.

@FakE what are you suggesting here?

When the license itself says you only can have one virtual server then the accounting won’t allow to run a second one somewhere else. No matter what you do.

You only can shutdown one server to run the other one but not both at the same time then OR ask sales to increase the virtual server count to 2 (shouldn’t it be 2 already btw?).


The message virtualserver limit reached appears when accounting gives back the limit already have been reached.

In that case 2 virtual servers are running already or the user killed his instance and did not stop it the supported way.


The machine ID does not matter for the amount of instances. This is when you plan to run multiple server instances in 1 MariaDB. There you have to set a machine id to split up instance settings etc.