Gamer License - How many slots and servers can I run with it?

Hey, is the Gamer License with the 128 slots for 2 servers?
I’m currently setting up my second teamspeak server and I would like to use the license on my second server. The website says two virtual servers. Wouldn’t like to buy a second license

You can run one TeamSpeak Server instance with 2 virtual servers. But you can’t have more than 128 slots in total. For example you can have 2 virtual server with 64 slots each in one instance in the same machine.

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Okay, Thank you.
2 questions:
How can i Switch the license to a other Server?
And what Can i do…? I deleted the Serveradmin group?

I think you are not allowed to have the license in multiple machines, but i am no sure about it. You should create a support ticket at with request type “Sales & Licensing” and they will give you more info about that.

As about the “Server Admin” group i hope you mean the server group and in this case you can user the server query access to recreate that group by copying the default “Server Admin” template.

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